Join us in our fight against breast cancer with your personalized curbside statement!

     The "Pink Can” is a 96 gallon rollout cart symbolizing the support of breast cancer awareness and research.  It underscores the immense necessity to fund breast cancer research, as well as making quality palliative care for breast cancer survivors readily available to those in need.

     When you purchase the “Pink Can” we will give $19.00 to fund breast cancer research and awareness programs.  You will personally be spreading the word on the street!   You and the significance of your "Pink Can" will send this most important message rolling on throughout our neighborhoods, towns and cities, illustrating the commitment of support to all of the brave women and men fighting this battle.

     The 96- gallon carts are the same type of cart as provided by many municipal and private waste collection companies and will serve your trash needs for a decade, or more.   Not only ideal for trash and/or recycling needs, it serves well for the storing of pet foods, children’s toys, laundry soaps and powders, pool/recreation supplies and much more.   You might find it the perfect gift or opportunity to show support for a loved one, family or friend.

    2009 studies indicated that almost 193,000 women were diagnosed with breast cancer and of these approximately 41,000 will not survive. 

                                             Cancer does not wait, can we?






Order your pink cart today for only $64.65. (Please read below prior to ordering)

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(919) 886-PINK (7465)

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Please note that currently American Waste Systems does not ship the Pink Can due to expenses. If you do not live within our service area, please make sure that you call to make arrangements to pick up your bin at our closest office.

If you DO wish to have a can shipped to your location, please note that estimated costs range between $160.00 and $230.00 depending on location. This is due to the weight and the over-sized factor.

We will be happy to work with you on this issue.